Friday, February 12, 2010

Winter Games Sketches

Have a look and see what I started out with. I've made quite a few changes to the design while keeping the layout simple. I'm a firm believer that you don't necessarily have to have everything fine tuned on paper. That's half the battle. The next half is fine tuning it up on screen. As you all know my sketches rarely look the same as what's online.

In Spirit of the Winter Games

Check out the latest piece from Kartoon Vandalz.
This one shows our panda mascot in a situation that he's never been in before. Skiing. Although scared, he's welcoming the games by trying something new.

This artwork has nothing to do with the Olympics. For fun only!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Help Us Hit Our Goal!

Hey what's good?

Ok we're getting closer to hitting our 100th mark for fans in our Facebook page and that's exciting stuff. Help us get over that hump and join now! We'd love to share our work with the world and the only way to do that is accumulate more fans! Spread the good word and invite others to join our club. Thanks and have an awesome one.


Monday, February 1, 2010

What KV Used to Look Like Cont...

Cont from the last post...
And yes. Our panda used to have undies on...

What KV Used to Look Like

Take a look and see the explorations that Kartoon Vandalz went through to get to where we are now. You'll see some familiar faces with some minor and major changes.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Sketches n Layouts for New Design

Take a look at these sketches! I'm a big believer of sketching whenever you feel inspired just before you loose that edge. I try to keep some paper and a pen near by so I can doodle whenever I feel creative. Try it out with different tools too. Sometimes pencil, pens, or blood. Well. Maybe not pens.

New Design for Twitter Page

Hey what's good people?
Just wanted to let you know that we've updated our Twitter page as well as our Blogspot one. We believed it was time to switch it up a bit just to keep things fresh. Lots of colours and lots of white space. Just the way we like it.

Rebranding or recreating a look and feel is never easy. Especially if you're a perfectionist like I am, it'll never be done and there will always be changes so badly wanted to do. If that's the case, then by the time you're finished the design, you'll already would've been completely bored with it and am already thinking of starting a new layout. Forget about it. Just put it down. If you want to change it later then change it later. Get the mall rolling and maybe you'll find that doing things a bit quicker isn't so bad.

Anyway enjoy the new look and feel. I hope you like it cause I do.

Sketch for KV Luminous

Hey all,
Check out this doodle I did for the new work. You know sometimes it's just fun to doodle and let your mind wander. It's a satisfying sense of adventure when you're creating something from scratch. Then you'll explore more and more and before you know it, you're really hating what you've done. However, you erase here add a line here, and all of a sudden you're loving it! Nice.

Anyway, Danny really stretched his mind for this one. He wanted something classical but with of course our Kartoon edge. And after were done brain storming, I took the sketch and brought it on screen.

Bam! Done.

KV Luminous

The opposite of KV Nocturnal uploaded a few months back, KV Luminous portrays the lighter side of life with musical instruments, style, and wine.

What says I have class better than a composer dressed in a tuxedo while sporting an afro? Maybe it's the penguin with the pipe and white wig? Probably all of the above. Danny had the idea of flipping the Nocturnal piece and creating a night and day version. We were able to bang out a few ideas over the past month while rebranding Kartoon Vandalz.

Hope you enjoy it and have fun with it.

Way of the Samurai... Pencils

Have a browse through a few of these shots that I took while sketching up the "Way of the Samurai" art piece. Sketching is incredibly important to the creative soul. It really helps to channel all of that creativity and project it onto paper. While that being half of the battle, bringing it on screen is another battlefield to conquer.